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Help Me Understand The Book of Mormon

If you've ever read the Book of Mormon and been frustrated because you didn't understand it, this podcast is for you. Help you better understand the Book of Mormon by listening to this podcast.

Sep 18, 2016

The largest war in the history of the Nephites to this point. Important for us, we see the impact of conflict in our own lives.

Sep 15, 2016

It is ok to ask for help when we need it! God blesses his children through his children. We see a perfect example of this in Alma 27.

Sep 12, 2016

How do I find happiness? Ammon teaches us how he did it, there are some powerful lessons for us in this chapter!

Sep 8, 2016

Why do we keep the commandments? We learn a bit of that in Alma 25.

Sep 4, 2016

How hard do we work to change and how do we act when others treat us badly? Are we who we are or do we simply respond to them? Alma 24 helps us figure that out