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Excited About the Gospel

If you've ever read the Book of Mormon and been frustrated because you didn't understand it, this podcast is for you. Help you better understand the Book of Mormon by listening to this podcast.

May 20, 2024

Alma and his people faced remarkable challenges. They prayed, and they didn't go away. Sound like your life? God gave them strength through the trial rather than taking the trial away. We learn about God's love and how He helps His children overcoming trials.


Jason Harwood has been a seminary and institute teacher...

May 12, 2024

Abinadi is one of the most courageous scripture heros. We look at even more scriptures, Bible stories, Church history stories and quotes about courage.

The courage we learn about gets us excited to live the Gospel this week!

Jason Harwood is a Seminary and Institute teacher, EFY, FSY, and BYU Education Week speaker.

May 5, 2024

Having a prophet in our day is exciting! Elder Anderson says that we will rejoice because we live in a time of prophets, that is exciting!

We look at scriptures, quotes, and Bible stories that teach us about prophets.

Apr 28, 2024

A change of heart to have no more desire to do evil. How do we get there? There is exciting news in the Gospel that through Christ we can find joy in repentance!

Bible stories, Book of Mormon stories, and quotes to show us how we can live these principles in our own lives.

Apr 21, 2024

When ye are in the service of your fellow beings...

It is so exciting we get to serve God by simply helping those around us, and God gave us the people He most needs us to serve!

Bible stories, songs, and modern quotes from Apostles about serving God.